Often, people think of holistic recovery as an alternative to evidence-based treatment. However, in reality, holistic simply means rehab that treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. Therefore, holistic rehab can still be evidence-based, and it can still be incredibly effective. Take a look at the many benefits of attending a holistic recovery center like Crest View Recovery Center.

Clients Can Look Forward to Outdoor and Recreational Therapyholistic recovery center

All too often, addiction treatment is delivered in a clinical environment. Clients might feel like they are spending time in a hospital, which is not uplifting or enjoyable. However, instead of that sterile atmosphere, clients should feel like they are enjoying the best that life has to offer. When drugs and alcohol aren’t an option anymore, many clients turn to the beauty and expanse of the great outdoors.

At a holistic rehab center, clients will be able to venture outdoors and get active. For the adventurous, that might include hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Moreover, for the less adrenaline-driven, that could mean yoga at sunset or an early morning walk in nature.

Spending outdoors is more than a feel-good exercise, however. In addition to being a healthy way to spend your time, outdoor recreation can also increase circulation, encourage the creation of endorphins, and boost mood. There is no doubt that all of these side effects are positives for clients who are recovering from addiction.

Treatment Explores the Underlying Issues That Lead to Addiction Symptoms

Traditional rehab can be like putting a band-aid on a major wound. It might stop the bleeding, but it is not a good long-term solution for the real problem. Furthermore, if a rehab center is only treating the physical symptoms of addiction, then they aren’t getting to the heart of the matter.

An holistic approach to addiction treatment goes deeper in order to understand what caused addiction in the first place. Only by addressing and resolving these factors will clients be healthy and strong in the face of relapse.

In fact, some clients don’t have the skills necessary to manage stress. Whenever stressful situations become overwhelming, they turn to coping mechanisms like drugs or alcohol. By learning to manage stress in a healthy way, they will be able to abstain from addictive substances for a lifetime. Clients can also learn how to treat mental health issues or address any trauma or grief that might be standing in the way of recovery.

Holistic Rehab Offers True Health, Not Just the Absence of Addiction

Overcoming addiction is the primary goal in rehab. While that goal is clearly an important one, clients won’t find happiness or meaning in life just because they are sober. Therefore, a holistic approach to addiction treatment works to give clients control over their lives and true health in all areas.

Sometimes, that means clients need help relearning communication skills. They might want to rebuild broken relationships with family members, or they might want to prepare for a new career. For example, they can start to cook and prepare nutritious meals, and they can gain the life skills necessary for a fulfilling existence long after rehab is over.

A Holistic Recovery Center Prepares Clients for the Risk of Relapse

Relapse is a very real threat to recovery, but many treatment centers ignore it altogether. At a holistic rehab center, relapse is addressed head-on. At Crest View Recovery Center, reality therapy eases clients into independent living.

By allowing clients to live structured lives with supervision, they can transition back to ordinary life. Specifically, this makes it easier for clients once rehab is over, and it can greatly reduce the risk of relapse overall.

What to Expect at Crest View Recovery Center

Crest View Recovery Center embraces a holistic approach to recovery. Treating the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol is a priority, but so is total health and wellness. Clients can expect quality care, comprehensive treatment, and addiction therapy options. For example, that includes:

A holistic rehab center is the ideal way to overcome a dependence on drugs or alcohol. At Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina, clients can learn to fight back against addiction and find freedom in sobriety. Learn more by calling 866.327.2505.