Heroin is a highly addictive opiate. This drug has created a national health epidemic in the United States, as well as many other countries. It’s not uncommon for users to overdose with devastating results. It also leads to countless healthcare dollars spent on treating addiction. Besides that, it’s fair to say that the cravings for the drug can ruin someone’s life as well as the lives of those they love. So, why do people use heroin in the first place?

Endorphin Release Has Users Come Back Time and Again Specifically, why do people use heroin?

Why do people use heroin? For many, it’s the chase after the ideal high. The first time that you use, you’ll experience a sudden endorphin release. It’s typically an unusual feeling of pleasure, feeling good, and happiness all rolled into one.

However, subsequent use doesn’t match the original experience. Nevertheless, you keep on using just because it might be possible to relive the initial high. Over time, you have to increase the dose repeatedly. This is known as “chasing the high” and can lead many people into a pattern of consistent use and eventual addiction. Along with the daily use come health problems, financial instability, and the loss of relationships.

Why Do People Use Heroin When the Downside is So Significant?

Gradually, the drug rewrites your brain chemistry. Dopamine release now depends on the presence of heroin in the body’s system. Without the drug, you sink into a deep depression. You come to believe that you need the substance just to function and feel somewhat normal. In many cases, this may be the truth. Many struggling with heroin abuse find themselves with debilitating effects if they do not use regularly.

It’s no longer about the high; it’s about keeping these withdrawal symptoms away. This understanding explains the urgency that people in need of another fix will often display. You can’t just stop using and be okay. The only thing that can end the vicious cycle is participation in a heroin addiction treatment program.

What Can Rehab Do for Heroin Addiction?

At rehab, you work with an addiction specialist who understands the question, why do people use heroin. They’ll recognize the hold that the drug has on you. The goal now becomes to uncover why you started using in the first place. Most importantly, it helps you to find ways of dealing with situations that the drug covered up.

For example, possible therapies include:

Another treatment option involves dual diagnosis care. It’s vital if you struggle with anxiety or depression. The therapy helps manage the psychiatric condition, which can eliminate one source of drug cravings. Treating both an addiction and a mental illness increase a patient’s likelihood of long term sobriety.

Get Help for Heroin Use in Asheville, NC

So, why do people use heroin? Initially it’s for the high; however, it quickly turns into a desperate need. Overcome heroin dependency on the drug by working with experts at the Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, NC. Call 866-327-2505 now for immediate assistance.