According to an annual survey report of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in ten people in the United States has a mental illness. One in thirty Americans struggles with a severe mental illness that may include recurring episodes of depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Despite what these numbers reflect, less than 70% of Americans receive proper mental health treatment or visit any addiction program for a mental health check-up. Unfortunately, this list includes children who fall between ages 8 to 13.

Although there is a myriad of factors behind this lack of treatment, the most common ones are social pressure, fear of being taunted or labeled as a person with a mental health condition, personal misunderstandings, financial issues and lack of awareness among others.

Many studies emphasize the importance of seeking professional assistance if any behavioral and emotional problems disrupt your life. Patients often misunderstand the term “mental health.” It covers a range of behavioral and emotional difficulties that often affect the lives of many people in different stages of their lives.

Mental Illness Diagnosis and Associated Problems:

A mental health treatment program and addiction rehab

Individuals experiencing these issues may overcome the disrupting crisis without having to seek professional help. But overcoming serious behavioral or emotional difficulties that could lead to problems, like addiction, is not that easy.

It may affect an individual’s ability to socialize, study, maintain focus, and look after their families or dependents. This is where seeking advice from a mental health professional is essential.

A mentally or emotionally-disturbed person can easily develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs if a proper diagnosis is not made. Self-medication with mind-altering substances is not always the right option to ward off the aggravating symptoms of mental illness and addiction.

To achieve sobriety, you need the right treatment program. Crest View Recovery Center, in this regard, is a reliable center for addiction and mental health treatment.

Why Seeking Treatment for Mental Illness is Important?

There is no denying that getting treatment for your mental illness is pivotal to improving your quality of life.  If you have a mental illness, it can take a heavy toll on you. However, by getting proper treatment you can make things a lot easier and manageable.

Moreover, improved mental health comes with plenty of benefits for your physical health. From improving your sleep patterns, immune system to lower pain, mental illness treatment can promote overall health. It improves your productivity, helps you maintain focus, and reinvigorates you to help you get your tasks done efficiently.

However, people who choose to self-medicate their mental illness may relapse if they fail to take proper steps. In such cases, symptoms can reappear anytime. Most people who develop symptoms of mental illness fall between the ages of 14 to 24.  But the symptoms may occur after the age of 24 as well.

Mental Illness and Addiction

The brain is accustomed to repetitive behaviors when it comes to alleviating discomfort and pain. Each time you use alcohol, drugs, or any other substance to avert symptoms of mental illness, your brain sees it as a repetitive action and sets up a habit that later turns into a severe addiction.

The repetitive behavior of taking drugs helps you treat mental illness, but it deteriorates the symptoms in the long run. Dual diagnosis inpatient treatment centers are one way to save yourself from addiction to prevent mental illness symptoms.

Benefits of Mental Health Treatment Program with Addiction Treatment

Both addiction and co-occurring disorders are treated with different therapies. You can’t treat addiction if you don’t address mental illness symptoms. Not only does it make treating addiction difficult but it also increases the risk of relapse. You need separate treatments to learn to manage mental illness and to abstain from drugs. When you focus on your mental health with a new perspective, it helps you determine the root cause of your addiction.

For example, the trauma-informed approach used in mental health treatment is extremely helpful to understand the symptoms. This way, you can learn to manage the symptoms better. The treatment option includes non-narcotic medications to help you stimulate brain function. You may be prescribed some antidepressants that improve the brain’s ability to produce positive neurotransmitters.

Anxiety is also treated with medication to keep the amygdala within the brain’s limbic system functioning properly. It controls emotional responses. The part of the brain induces the flight or fight response. The medication plays an important role in keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

Holistic Treatment Methods at Crest View Recovery Center

Holistic addiction treatment is part of the mental health treatment program, along with addiction therapies. It incorporates different techniques other than medication to help people recover. These methods are ideal for people who don’t prefer medications to achieve sobriety.

Crest View Recovery Center aims to provide overall wellness by teaching you holistic ways to improve your life.  We want you to be strong enough to not only deal with anxiety and depression symptoms but also hopelessness and stress. For this, we use different techniques, such as yoga and meditation. The perfect combination of nutrition and physical activities can be tremendously advantageous to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

CVRC, with its team of medical professionals, is the right platform for addiction and mental health.  We are ready to support your healing journey that doesn’t need alcohol and drugs to cope up with mental illness. Following are the substance abuse treatment programs that we offer:

Mental Health Treatment Program in Asheville, NC

Don’t miss out on your lifelong recovery path at Crest View Recovery Center. Call us at 866.327.2505 to explore the most suitable mental illness program and addiction treatment options.