Do you suffer depression and anxiety with addiction? Do you feel overwhelmed by these conditions and their symptoms? In fact, you don’t stand alone. Many people find themselves in addiction because of these mental health conditions or others like them.

When you suffer multiple health problems at once, doctors call them co-occurring conditions or comorbidity. While it sounds serious, in the case of addiction, depression and anxiety, the conditions actually feed off each other. However, the good news is this means they also heal through similar approaches.

With these multiple conditions, you don’t face three big problems you must solve. Instead, you face a collection of conditions in your daily struggle against substance abuse. Therefore, your healing begins with the right treatment in a quality addiction rehab treatment program.

About Your Comorbidity of Addiction, Depression and Anxiety depression and anxiety with addiction

Your co-occurring disorders wreak havoc in your life. Moreover, that chaos ends with addiction treatment. Therefore, relax in knowing the right help works. You only need to enter a quality program that focuses on helping people with multiple conditions of a dual diagnosis.

In the past, doctors focused on figuring out whether an individual’s anxiety and depression came first, or if those were brought on by addiction. Today, medical professionals know it does not matter which condition came first. However, what does matter is how you gain treatment for those conditions.

A dual diagnosis program provides help for all three conditions at once. Furthermore, you cannot gain lasting recovery if any of your behavioral problems do not gain treatment. Active depression often causes a relapse into addiction. Additionally, the same is true for anxiety.

If you don’t gain recovery from your addiction, it also takes you back into the depths of depression and anxiety. Now you see how these conditions fuel each other and must all gain recovery at once. Therefore, your next step is simply to choose the right rehab treatment for your individual needs.

Finding the Dual Diagnosis Program that Meets Your Depression and Anxiety Needs

If you enter an addiction rehab that does not provide dual diagnosis treatment, you face inevitable relapse. Therefore, when screening potential rehabs, ensure your final choice offers dual diagnosis care. These programs provide a mix of therapies, support, and education.

However, what does this treatment look like? Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, NC provides dual diagnosis treatment. Programs meet the exacting standards of the Joint Commission, as the gold seal of accreditation on CVRC’s website proves. This means, at Crest View Recovery Center, you can find ultimate healing and recovery for a better future.

For example, rehab treatment and intensive outpatient programs of Crest View Recovery Center include:

What to Expect in Rehab Treatment

When you enter rehab treatment, expect to feel a bit nervous or anxious. However, this is where your life starts turning around.

At Crest View Recovery Center, your treatment professionals spend a great deal of time and energy getting to know you and your personal needs. Through conversations with you, forms you fill out and other information, your custom treatment plan takes shape.

This treatment plan includes many of the therapies above. When it comes to treating addiction, anxiety, and depression, you need multiple approaches to find what works best for you. At the same time, you live according to a schedule that provides predictability and security after months of addiction chaos. During your days of treatment, you attend individual counseling sessions, group therapy, holistic therapies, and family therapy.

For people with co-occurring disorders, sometimes medication helps your biochemistry balance. This means you start feeling the relief of your mental health symptoms. Combined with your addiction therapies, this treatment makes you feel brighter, hopeful and inspired.

You feel ready to move forward in your life now, beyond your addiction, anxiety, and depression. All you need to do is call Crest View Recovery Center. Contact us today at 866-327-2505 to learn more about our programs.