Anyone who habitually drinks alcohol or uses drugs is likely to develop a tolerance. This leads to a vicious cycle where an individual must take more and more before achieving the desired effect. Recovering from chemical dependency on their own is not impossible. However, they have a greater chance at a successful recovery with supervision and clinical care.

Addiction to a substance can become so overwhelming that defeating the disease seems impossible. Nevertheless, you can find hope after connecting with a rehab center that offers substance abuse treatment programs. If you believe a loved one is struggling with addiction, or you need help, recovery is just a phone call away.

Common Signs of Chemical Dependency

Chemical dependency requires rehab treatment There are a wide range of signs and symptoms that indicate you or a loved one is facing addiction. However, everyone experiences dependency differently. Some people may only show one or two symptoms, while others may show multiple symptoms.

Common signs of chemical dependency may include:

  • Feelings of suicide or depression
  • Performance at work or school deteriorates
  • Preoccupation with drinking alcohol or a constant search for drugs
  • No interest in activities
  • Strong cravings
  • Stealing or forging prescriptions
  • Engaging in risky behavior

Some people will spend large amounts of money to get their substance of choice. Moreover, they may do in spite of other responsibilities or bills. This creates a snowball effect in their lives. The result is damage to close relationships, friendships, work, and daily life.

Inevitably, an individual with addiction will begin losing control. Speaking with an advisor to get help is a step in the right direction.

Effects of Having a Chemical Dependency

As mentioned above, dependency on a substance brings many problems into an individual’s life. Dangerous situations can extend beyond driving while intoxicated. Many drugs can be fatal if too much is consumed at once.

If not fatal, an overdose can cause a stroke or heart attack. Your breathing could stop after taking too many depressants. Furthermore, mixing alcohol with multiple drugs puts you in more danger of an overdose.

Damage Due to Chemical Dependency

Brain damage may occur with some drugs, which can take years to overcome. For instance, using cocaine may damage pleasure controls in the brain, known as anhedonia. Normally, pleasurable activities are nonexistent for individuals with this condition.

Excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs can also create legal and financial problems. Some risk losing their jobs due to the controlling effects of substance abuse. If an individual cannot cover the expense of buying their substance of choice, stealing or borrowing money may follow.

Obsession with alcohol or drugs can completely change an individual’s personality. Poor work performance replaces a dependable employee. Priorities shift from important life matters to finding the next fix. Seeking help is the only solution if an individual hopes to regain control of their life.

Options for Chemical Dependency Treatment in Asheville, NC

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports there are nearly 21 million individuals who haven’t received help for substance abuse. Yet, there are treatment centers for chemical dependency to help them overcome their addiction.

Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, NC offers comprehensive rehab treatment that promotes overall wellness. Recovery from a substance addiction is possible when you receive effective care that stresses coping strategies to live victoriously.

Our reality therapy model places individuals in real-life situations to achieve sustainable recovery. This is different from institutionalized-based models that require seclusion.
Treatment mirrors a real-life living situation in spacious accommodations. Our staff monitors your progress and teaches coping skills for leading an independent life after treatment.

Reclaim your life today and learn more about us at 866-327-2505. Counselors are available to help you take the first step towards a successful recovery.