How our treatment process works


Your unique needs and addiction history will help determine your personalized treatment plan. If you are just beginning your journey toward recovery, we recommend starting with our rehabilitation program.


Our reality-based model includes varying levels of treatment. Most of our programs include intensive therapy during the day and activities developed around your unique goals in the evenings. Our therapy offerings will empower you to live life on life’s terms.


Once you finish treatment, you automatically get access to our alumni program. In this program, you can stay in touch with both the Crest View staff and the family you formed with those who are on the same journey.


At Crest View Recovery Center, we understand that no two individuals are the same. We will guide you through a tailored treatment program with multiple levels of care based on your unique needs and addiction history. These programs are comprised of both daytime clinical care and evening treatment-focused activities.


All of our substance abuse treatment programs are grounded in evidence-based therapeutic approaches. We believe in a continual care model for addiction treatment that helps you make a seamless transition to sobriety and avoid potential relapse.


According to the American Medical Association, 37 percent of those addicted to alcohol and 53 percent of those addicted to a drug are also suffering from at least one mental illness. These are called “co-occurring disorders” and must be treated through a special program.

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