The lean drink is a combination of prescription cough syrup with codeine, alcohol, and a soft drink. Instead of taking a spoon full of the substance, you drink it by the glass. Some believe this drug use is harmless. However, in reality, it’s a dangerous concoction that leads to dependence and addiction. In turn, many have needed to turn to a lean drink addiction treatment center.

The Origins of Lean Drink

A man in need of lean drink addiction treatment centerLean is a drug that sprang up around Houston’s hip-hop and rap cultures. It’s cheap, easy to come by, and users believe it’s less dangerous than other drugs. Furthermore, rappers began glorifying the use of the lean drink. Some thought it fueled their creativity, which was enough reason to keep using.

The New York Post reports on the sentencing of Harrison Garcia, the so-called “CEO of Purple Drank.” His drug customer list reads like a who’s who of rap. His implications are clear.

However, the typical dose is only about a teaspoon every four hours. When you drink significantly more than that over the course of a day or evening, your health suffers.

What Could Happen if You Take the Drug?

Codeine, which is an opiate, is a common ingredient in prescription cough syrup. Promethazine is another ingredient that acts as a sedative. As you ingest these in larger quantities, your breathing slows down. Just as you might experience with an opioid overdose, you may stop breathing altogether.

The combination of chemical ingredients heightens your risk of developing seizures. It’s sometimes difficult to taste the drug against the backdrop of soda. As a result, you might drink more than your body can metabolize safely. An overdose is highly likely.

Long-term use leads to the buildup of a tolerance. Lean drink typically contains codeine, so you might experience the same addiction symptoms as someone using opioid painkillers. These include withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings. If you are currently struggling with an addiction to lean, substance abuse treatment programs and a lean drink addiction treatment center are the answer.

Lean Drink Addiction Treatment Center with a Reality Therapy Component

The problem with an addiction to lean is its ubiquitous nature. Users easily get it at raves, parties, and concerts. Sobriety depends, in large part, on a lifestyle change. Examples of modalities that therapists use to help you include:

A reality therapy component enables you to visit recreational venues to practice enjoying the activities without using. Others in recovery, as well as therapists, accompany you. Depending on the length of time you’ve spent using, it takes some unlearning to handle crowds and relax without lean.

After rehab, it’s a good idea to continue participation in a 12 Step program. This provides a stable accountability structure that assists with relapse prevention. You’re dealing with a party drug, and it’s very easy to rationalize using “just one.” Typically, this plan leads to a recurrence of the condition.

What Happens if You Do Nothing?

The drug doesn’t fuel your creativity. Instead, it leads you down a dangerous path to addiction, overdose, and more. You may also suffer from health effects that come with long-term use of codeine, alcohol, and promethazine.

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