Are you struggling with benzodiazepine abuse in your life? There are many addictive drugs on the market. Some of them are legal, while others are only available for illegal purchase on the streets. While most people know which drugs are addictive, some are completely unaware of the dangers of certain drugs like benzodiazepines. If you’ve become addicted to benzos, you may be in need of a benzo addiction treatment center.

What Are Benzodiazepines?

Young man thinks about going to a benzo addiction treatment centerBenzodiazepines or benzos are prescription drugs that help with panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, and seizures. Some popular drugs that individuals become addicted to through benzodiazepine abuse include:

Drugs like these slow down brain and central nervous system functions. More specifically, they target gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that regulates feelings of stress and anxiety.

When most people think of the prescription drug epidemic, painkillers and other opiates usually come to mind. However, benzos are just as addictive. Many experts believe that benzos are even more of a problem because people aren’t aware of their addictive nature, which has caused many to need to go to a benzo addiction treatment center.

Doctors, however, know the addictive nature of these drugs and offer prescription drug addiction treatment. Most of them only prescribe benzos for a short period of time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for people to develop full blown addictions.

A Growing Concern

Some disturbing facts about benzos came out in a 2011 study. Researchers found that millions of people in the United States have benzo prescriptions. In fact, nearly 49 million people had Xanax prescriptions, and another 28 million had Ativan prescriptions.

In 2010, nearly 125,000 people went to the emergency room as a direct result of taking Xanax. Law officials confiscated the drug from over 39,000 people in 2011. Most of these people got the Xanax illegally, and others took it from relatives or friends.

The Dangers of Benzos

People often mistake benzos for not being dangerous. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Therefore, the need for an effective benzo addiction treatment center is even more necessary.

Because it can also take longer for the effects of benzos to kick in than other drugs, people continue to take them until they feel the effects, which makes them take too many and eventually overdose.

Trying to stop taking benzos is another danger as many people experience severe benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms. They severely alter the chemical balance in the brain. Detoxing from the drug is not only painful but also dangerous. The risk of relapse is also really strong with benzos, so people can continue craving the drug months after detox.

A Benzo Addiction Treatment Center at Crest View Recovery Center

At Crest View Recovery Center, we take great pride in providing clients with the best possible care. As one of the top drug treatment centers in North Carolina, we have an obligation to provide a high level of care. Our commitment to providing quality services starts with our addiction therapy services, which include:

One thing that sets us apart from the rest is our reality therapy program. Unlike other centers that try to isolate clients, we put our clients in a real-life setting. They live together under supervision at one of our main houses. They learn to cope, lean on each other for support and find out what it takes to re-enter society.

As part of our reality therapy, our clients also learn life skills. Budgeting money and going shopping are examples. We feel that these are basic needs that everyone needs to know before they return to society.

Don’t let an addiction to benzodiazepines ruin your life. Turn to Crest View Recovery Center when you want only the best that North Carolina can provide. Contact Crest View Recovery Center for more information at 866.327.2505.