Man Benefitting from Aftercare at CVRCIf you’ve been struggling with addiction for a long time, you probably know it’s difficult to stay sober alone. Many people have the delusion that going through four weeks of addiction treatment is enough. However, studies show that attending aftercare gives you an 80% better chance of staying sober long term. That’s why Crest View Recovery Center relies upon a robust Aftercare program to help individuals stay on path to sustainable sobriety.

While you’re in treatment, you’ll learn and acquire a wide range of skills to help you in your recovery. While these techniques help you build a solid foundation, dealing with triggers in person is much more difficult. Our aftercare program allows you to transition back into your life while still having support. As life’s issues begin to come up during early sobriety, you can count on our professionals to be a reliable resource.

Aftercare Eases the Transition Back into the Real World

Think of treatment like a staircase, and our initial Rehab Treatment program is only the first step. You have a better chance of reaching the top if you continue going up the steps rather than stopping. It’s understandable that people want to stop treatment after completing the first part of the program, but it’s a dangerous decision. Even after finishing treatment, transitioning back into the real world can be difficult.

Remember, while you’re in residential treatment—and even while you’re in our Intensive Outpatient Program—you’ll have strong professional and peer support network. Without continuing to recover through our Aftercare program, you’ll no longer have that additional support. While you may think that you’ve gained enough knowledge to stay sober, remember that recovery is an ongoing process.

Staying Connected Through Aftercare

One of the best ways to stay connected with CVRC and friends in recovery is to join our Alumni program. While ongoing 12-step program meetings and sober living arrangements surely help your recovery and promote camaraderie, alumni support is important as well. Through our growing Alumni program, you can connect with others who went through the same facility as you.

Take Advantage of 12-Step Meetings

As a way to enhance recovery, CVRC runs several 12-step support meetings every week. Along with our proven therapeutic techniques during treatment, these meetings promote additional peer support.

The beautiful thing about our 12-step support groups is that they’re not exclusive to one substance. Whether you struggle with an alcohol addiction or heroin addiction, we offer meetings where people in recovery share their experience, strength and hope. Speaking to like-minded people in recovery will give you hope. You’ll also learn more about staying sober and how to effectively work the steps to stay on the right path.

You’ve already made the courageous decision to change your life. Let our Aftercare program keep you on the right track. Call Crest View Recovery Center today at 866.327.2505.

Article Reviewed by Patrice Wishon, LCSW, LCAS, CCS

Patrice Wishon, LCSW, LCAS, CCSPatrice has over 30 years experience working in social work and mental health/substance abuse counseling. She received her Master’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and has worked in a variety of settings, including community-based outpatient, hospital and classroom settings. Patrice specializes in substance abuse treatment, trauma and women’s issues.