Addiction begins as quickly as the first use of your drug and holds on to your life until you receive drug addiction recovery treatment. However, each person’s journey into addiction is unique. There are many factors contributing to this journey, including biology, psychology, genetics, age, gender, drug history, family history and the type of substance being used. Despite the differences in your addiction and others’, most recovery follows a similar path.

Understanding Drug Addiction Recovery PhasesDrug addiction recovery

As said before, your journey through addiction is unique, but drug addiction recovery follows a similar path for most people. This path includes several phases from addiction to long-term sobriety.

The first stage of addiction recovery begins as you realize you have a problem. This sometimes happens only after you suffer a wide variety of life problems related to your drug use, such as health, money, legal or work problems.

In this phase, you are still using drugs. You haven’t taken real steps toward drug addiction recovery. However, you start preparing yourself for the journey into sobriety.

The biggest part of this phase is your passing from awareness into acknowledgement that you have a drug problem and need treatment. This is a major shift in your thinking; an important one that changes your life.


Your second phase into recovery shifts you from awareness of your problem to actual action. You start learning about your addiction problem and how it affects everyone around you.

In taking this step of learning about addiction and its affect on others, you are moving forward to recovery. You haven’t talked to rehabs yet, but educate yourself for the next steps.

Looking Into Recovery Options

Once denial is over, you start taking steps to limit your drug use and gain sobriety. This is where your recovery really starts. You look into treatment options, talk to friends and family about rehab, and consider your future. In this phase, many people in your shoes decide to enter treatment.

Early Recovery

Early recovery is a risky, yet significant time in your life. You stopped your drug use and began learning how to stay sober.

For example, you leave negative influences behind. You stop taking part in negative activities and behaviors you have long relied upon during drug use. This frees up time and energy to focus on your recovery.

Relapse is common at this time and you’ll use relapse prevention methods each day. Additionally, you are learning new skills for coping, healthy living and rebuilding broken relationships as you go forward.

Recovery and Maintenance

The fifth stage of recovery means you have worked hard and earned your sobriety. You learned important skills for relapse prevention and use those each day. Moreover, you actively watch your behaviors, thoughts, skill practice, support system, and vulnerabilities. You are mindful of your triggers and temptations and do what you need to avoid and overcome them.

The best part of the fifth phase is that you begin to live the life you wanted when you thought of becoming sober. You see your progress and have much to be proud of.

Importance of Recovery from Drugs

When you suffer addiction to drugs, there is nothing more important than gaining recovery. Every day of drug use is a gamble with your life, health, and welfare. This is why recovery is more than just a path to overcoming addiction. In recovery, you transform yourself to the person you truly are, living a life you deserve.

Some people get through the phases of recovery quickly and seemingly without problems. However, others lean heavily on friends and family, struggling every day. Most need insights, education, and skills development you only gain in rehab.

Treatment You Need for Lasting Recovery

In Asheville, North Carolina, Crest View Recovery Center provides individualized treatment suited to your own needs. Using a reality therapy model, addiction experts at CVRC help you achieve the life you want in sobriety.

Substance abuse treatment programs at Crest View Recovery Center include:

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