Does someone who binge drinks on weekends have an alcohol use disorder? What about the business executive who makes it to work every day but has a three-martini lunch? Most people consider alcoholism the real addiction, but there’s a lot more to the condition, which needs alcohol use disorder treatment.

What Does Life with an Alcohol Use Disorder Look Like?

Man in Need of Alcohol Use Disorder TreatmentYou don’t have to be falling-down-drunk for the majority of the day to be in need of alcohol use disorder treatment. In simplest terms, a problem with alcohol use refers to someone whose life revolves around a preoccupation with drinking. You spend time thinking about when you can get the next drink. Once you’re drinking, you can’t stop yourself after a couple of glasses. Instead, you keep going.

The disorder causes you to keep drinking even if it creates problems at work or in relationships. The few times that you’ve tried stopping, you began suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms that sent you right back to your favorite bottle. You probably recognize that your alcohol consumption has taken on inappropriate or dangerous proportions, but you can’t quit.

You promise yourself every day that it’ll be different. But when you try to limit your drinking, the urge to keep going overwhelms your intentions. You’ve begun cutting people out of your life because they kept criticizing your alcohol use. You’re doing dangerous things like driving while drunk, even though you know you can kill someone.

Possible Causes of This Substance Abuse Problem

The jury’s still out on a definite cause for why an alcohol use disorder develops. Experts agree that the addiction may develop because of genetic, environmental, or psychological influences. This threefold causation explains why some can have one drink while others can’t control the urge to have more. Since alcohol affects the ways the brain interprets pleasure signals, drinking and feeling good can become synonymous.

Therapists now also understand that traumatic experiences in your life can adversely affect the way you handle stressors. This experience puts your ability to handle disappointment, frustration, and anger at odds with what life may demand from you. Attempting to numb yourself with drugs or alcohol is a typical response in this situation. Addressing the possibility of a traumatic event in your life can, therefore, yield excellent therapeutic results.

Successful Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment is Possible

It’s interesting to note that there are addiction treatment opportunities for individuals with the disorder. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reveals that just over 7% of Americans suffer from the disease. That said, the experts point out that an effective alcohol addiction treatment center makes it possible to recover.

Rehab facilities specialize in the design of programs that assist individuals to recover from an alcohol use problem. Examples of effective therapies include:

Do You Need Help for an Addiction to Alcohol?

It’s never too late to turn your life around. Whether you binge or you feel the need for a drink in the morning just to get going, there’s help. Substance abuse programs at Crest View Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina, focus on helping people just like you to stop drinking. Call 866-327-2505 now for immediate assistance.