Crest View Recovery Center is proud to announce that we are now in-network with the Employee Assistance Network (EAN). At CVRC, we strive to work with your insurance providers to help you enter treatment without the financial burdens that keep so many people away from rehabilitation. No one should have to forgo addiction treatment, especially for financial reasons. Our goal is to make treatment available to as many people as possible. For this reason, we will continue to expand our partnerships with as many insurers as possible.

In fact, CVRC works with most insurance providers available today. We also provide flexible payment plans for those who are in need.

Learn More About the Employee Assistance NetworkEmployee assistance network is now in-network

The EAN works with over 100 employers, covering over 30,000 employees to provide employee assistance programs, behavioral health services, and work-related training and educational programs. These programs are located across the United States, while they have a concentration in the Southeast.

The Employee Assistance Network assists employers with clinical excellence, cutting-edge training, and the highest quality customer service. The EAN provides insurance coverage for the employees of various companies throughout the United States. Some of these include the Biltmore Company, Mission Health System, MAHEC, United Way, YMCA of WNC, Warren Wilson College, Cancer Care of WNC, Asheville Specialty Hospital and more.

At CVRC, we are now in-network with the EAN and will provide you with the best addiction treatment and therapy. It is also our goal to ensure your safety, support, and comfort during your stay with us. With proven and effective treatment, you can bring about positive change in your life with sobriety at the forefront of your future.

Learn More About CVRC

At CVRC, we offer a wide range of programs and therapies for our clients. As a unique individual, we customize each of our treatment regimens to you! With a wide range of therapies to choose from you can find treatments that work for you. Customizable plans, as well as, high-quality treatment can set you up lifelong sobriety. For example, these modalities include:

Our addiction treatment programs will help you beat addiction to a variety of substances. For instance, this includes heroin, cocaine, alcohol, meth, and more. With our in-network partnership with the Employee Assistance Network, we can now serve more individuals who are currently struggling with addiction. All of this helps to further our goal of increasing the scope of our coverage and the services we can offer.

The EAN and CVRC Partnership

If you are in the grasps of addiction, then allow our partnership with EAN to help you receive the best treatment around. Crest View Recovery Center is proud to partner with the Employee Assistance Network and we look forward to continuing our compassionate addiction treatment services with EAN employers. End your substance abuse issue once and for all with the help of CVRC and our top notch programs. For more information about paying for rehab, contact us today at 866-327-2505.