Using BlueCross BlueShield Health Insurance at CVRC

As of December 2017, Crest View Recovery Center is IN-NETWORK with BlueCross BlueShield Health Insurance. We’re excited for this partnership as we strive to give our guests affordable, and high-quality treatment.

Deciding to attend drug or alcohol rehabilitation can be scary for various reasons. Not only are you seeking change, but paying for rehab can also cause anxiety. If you have BlueCross BlueShield drug rehab coverage like 106 million other Americans, you may be wondering if you can use it toward treatment. Fortunately, Crest View Recovery works with insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield to limit out-of-pocket costs.

How Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Coverage Can Help You

Since the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, the law mandates that health insurance companies have to offer some coverage for addiction treatment. The reason is that the medical community considers addiction to be a debilitating mental illness. Because they also consider it a pre-existing condition in most cases, Blue Cross Blue Shield can’t legally deny you treatment. They have to offer you viable rehab options like CVRC.

Because policies vary, it’s important to know exactly what your policy covers. While BCBS has to cover at least a portion of your treatment, CVRC will work with both you and your insurance provider to make sure you get the most coverage possible.

About CVRC’s Continual Care Model

At CVRC, we’ve helped many clients achieve their goals in sobriety through a comprehensive, continual care model. Some facilities do individuals a disservice by discharging them far too soon. Our compassionate professionals won’t let that happen. We rely upon reality therapy to supplement our evidence-based approaches to make sure clients are equipped to deal with post-treatment life.

Our intensive program track includes:

  • Rehab treatment program: Lasting an average of 35–45 days, individuals undergo daily clinical care and evening 12-step meetings before retiring to gender-specific housing facilities as they learn real-world coping strategies.
  • Intensive outpatient program: After completing the first phase of treatment, individuals slowly transition back into society with 4–6 weeks of continued care.
  • Alumni program: All clients who finish our programs can stay connected with both CVRC and people they met during recovery.

Don’t put off getting the help you need. In fact, use your Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab coverage to start your sobriety journey at Crest View Recovery. Call 866.327.2505 today.

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