Crest View Recovery Center is proud to announce that we are now in-network with Beacon Health Options. Through this partnership, we can now serve more people who are currently struggling with substance abuse and behavioral problems in their life. Our ultimate goal is to provide treatment to as many people as possible. By partnering with Beach Health Options we are able to extend the range of our services to a greater number of people. We will continue to work to expand our services to include more insurers.

Learn More About Beacon Health OptionsBeacon Health Insurance In-Network.

For over 30 years, Beacon has served over 40 million people across the country. They offer superior clinical mental health and substance use disorder management. Moreover, they provide a comprehensive employee assistance program, work and life support, and specialty programs for depression and autism.

Beacon Health Options provides its clients with access to a broad network of behavioral health providers and facilities. At CVRC, we are proud to partner with Beacon to ensure more people receive the proper care they deserve for addiction and behavioral issues. Through our partnership, patients with Beacon will have access to the Crest View Recovery Center. Learn more about our team of addiction treatment specialists as well as the services we provide.

Learn More About Crest View Recovery Center

We are an addiction treatment facility specializing in a wide range of substance abuse disorders. Our location in North Carolina affords us accessibility as well as a beautiful healing environment. It is our goal to provide effective solutions and care with Beacon Health Options for those who are struggling with substance abuse in their lives. Furthermore, we are compassionate about helping individuals heal with proven treatment, therapies, support, and guidance.

For example, Crest View Recovery Center provides treatments such as:

When you enter our treatment center through Beacon Health Options, you will have access to a wide range of therapies. In fact, these include family, group, and individual therapy, which are staples to our various programs. Our programs are customizable to your specific needs and treat each patient as an individual.

In addition, we also offer unique therapeutic interventions, such as psychotherapy and dual diagnosis. With dual diagnosis, we can treat both your addiction and any underlying mental illness simultaneously. This gives you the best possible chance at recovery. Specifically, by treating both problems, we can learn how they affect one another and help you learn ways to overcome these issues.

CVRC Partnership With Beacon Health Options

Now that we are in-network with Beacon Health Options, we’ll work diligently to continue providing the highest quality addiction and mental health treatment in North Carolina. This partnership allows us to work with one of the leading behavioral health management providers to serve more individuals who are facing the challenges of addiction and mental illness. For more information about CVRC and our in-network partner, Beacon Health Options, contact us today at 866-327-2505. Learn more about additional insurance providers we work with today.