The use of prescription painkillers is extremely common today. Unfortunately, many of these medications can lead to dependence with long-term use. The following information will talk in more detail about a medication known as hydrocodone. Is hydrocodone addictive? How can you recognize the signs of a problem? These questions will be addressed in the information below.

What is Hydrocodone? is hydrocodone addictive?

Hydrocodone is a potent prescription narcotic painkiller. It is often used following surgical procedures to help alleviate moderate to severe pain. Like other popular narcotics, the prolonged use of hydrocodone can result in tolerance over time. This may mean that a person requires larger doses to feel an adequate relief from their pain.

Specifically, Is Hydrocodone Addictive?

Tolerance is often the first step toward the development of an addiction. When a person becomes tolerant to the effects of hydrocodone and has to take more to experience relief, he can easily become addicted to the drug. Since addiction to narcotic painkillers is common, it’s imperative to know the signs that go along with it.

Signs of Hydrocodone Addiction

Is hydrocodone addictive? In fact, it is and it will likely require professional treatment. Remain aware of the following list of clues that can help you detect a problem:

Personality Changes

People struggling with an addiction can face severe changes in their mood and personality. Specifically, they may become depressed, anxious, or even hostile at times. This can make relating to others very difficult.

Inability to Perform Duties

Those facing substance abuse are sometimes unable to perform at work, school, or home. They may need assistance from others in order to perform basic daily functions. This is a tell-tale sign to the question, is hydrocodone addictive.

Multiple Doctors

Some people dealing with addiction will acquire a number of different doctors to ensure they always have a steady supply of medication.

Hydrocodone Withdrawal

One clear sign of a problem is the experience of hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms often include things such as increased pain, nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, and anxiety.

Overcoming Substance Abuse by Seeking Professional Help

Is hydrocodone addictive? If you have ever asked this question, then you may need help in discontinuing your use of this drug. Therefore, finding the right treatment center will set your mind at ease regarding the process of recovery.

Crest View Recovery Center is an addiction rehab center in Asheville, NC. By using an innovative form of reality therapy, the professionals at CVRC can help you tackle current problems and create a relapse prevention program. Together we can make your hydrocodone abuse issue a thing of the past. Moreover, all treatment modalities we provide are in a serene setting that will allow you to focus your energy fully on recovery.

An existing addiction does not have to control your life. You can prevail over this problem by getting professional help now. Contact Crest View Recovery Center at 866-327-2505 to learn more about the treatment options available to you at this facility. When you understand, is hydrocodone addictive, you can begin to heal at CVRC.

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