The abuse of alcohol is a serious problem that can lead to many different side effects. One of these possible effects is called alcohol poisoning. There becomes a tipping point when alcohol becomes toxic. In fact, alcohol is one of the more dangerous substances available. It is incredibly impairing when consumed in larger quantities. On top of that, it’s one of few drugs with a potentially lethal withdrawal. Of course, alcohol poisoning is a constant risk for heavy drinkers as well. What is alcohol poisoning, and how do you help someone with alcohol poising.

Understanding Alcohol PoisoningLearn how to help someone with alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol poisoning is a medical state that occurs when people drink far past the point of initial intoxication and continues to dangerous levels. This leads to a dangerous buildup of alcohol in the bloodstream.

The alcohol levels in your system continue to increase even if you stop drinking, your blood alcohol level would continue to rise. Your body temperature drops, skin pales, and may also discolor slightly as oxygen deprivation sets in.

While the oxygenation goes down, blood glucose levels also reduce. For example, this affects the body by potentially triggering a possible seizure. Repeated vomiting combined with a lack of hydration can lead to brain and organ damage. Therefore, getting medical attention is necessary. Alcohol poisoning is a very serious issue that requires a rapid response Learning how to help someone with alcohol poisoning is an important part of overcoming this life-threatening condition.

Becoming Aware of the Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Learning how to help someone with alcohol poisoning will be easier if you become familiar with the signs of alcohol abuse. The following list highlights a few common symptoms:

Reclusive Behavior

Those suffering from substance abuse often start to spend excessive amounts of time alone. It is also common for these individuals to stop engaging in their favorite hobbies.

Serious Preoccupation with Alcohol

Those experiencing the effects of alcohol abuse will often become obsessed with drinking. Without knowing how to help someone with alcohol poisoning, they are more likely to continue abusing alcohol. When they are not actively consuming alcohol, they may be experiencing the effects from the last time they consumed the substance.

Physical Changes

Excessive weight loss and a loss of interest in maintaining personal hygiene is common among those impacted by alcohol abuse. Many other physical changes may also be present.

Helpful Treatments for Alcohol Abuse

The right kind of alcohol addiction treatment program will likely use a wide array of possible recovery elements. For example, different types of counseling can help a person understand his condition more fully. By learning how to help someone with alcohol poisoning, they can receive this therapy to move forward.

Family therapy can help rebuild important relationships that have been damaged by substance abuse. Cognitive behavioral therapy can discover the types of thoughts that lead to problematic behaviors. These thoughts can be changed into more productive ways of thinking. Finally, a carefully planned relapse prevention program can help set a person up for long-term success in the future. No matter where your biggest issues lie, a skilled rehab facility will design your complete rehabilitation program with your exact needs in mind every step of the way.

Crest View Recovery Center is an addiction rehab center in the Asheville, NC area. This facility relies on an innovative form of reality therapy to effect real changes in people’s lives. Additionally, the peaceful setting allows for a full immersion in the recovery process.

You don’t need to let an addiction keep you down. You can learn how to help someone with alcohol poisoning today. Contact Crest View Recovery Center today at 866-327-2505 to learn how to begin your healing transition.

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