how much does rehab cost exactly?

When deciding to get the care for addiction that you need, one primary concern is how much exactly, of a financial commitment must be made to enter rehabilitation (rehab). Not knowing the exact cost is the one thing that prevents most people from getting the addiction help that they need and entering into rehab treatment. Studies suggest that it is not always the shame of substance addiction or denial that deters those suffering from addiction from reaching out for detox or rehab with professional and medical care and counseling. But, more realistically that it is the cost of rehab that keeps them from seeking addiction treatment. 

The Difference Between Trying to Quit on Your Own and Professional Addiction Treatment

In many cases, it is the difference between handling triggers head-on (due to a successful recovery program) and addiction relapse. Unfortunately, money does prevent many people from getting their lives back. Having to worry more about finances than getting the essential addiction treatment and rehab they need is a stressful thing. While the cost may be a discouraging factor, finding recovery through rehab is life-changing. Having access to specific addiction treatment and rehab programs that are designed for each individual will make a difference when making recovery a permanent part of life. When you take part in addiction treatment and the available rehab resources, it can guide you in the direction. 

With that said, few people actually know the exact cost of rehab and don’t know how to ask. Many people are wary to begin to talk about money or financial issues. This is because, as a societal norm, this information is generally referred to in private. Additionally, knowing the importance of getting the help required to gain control over your life from addiction like rehab, could easily fall second to taking care of financial issues at home. For some, this can be reason enough to drop the decision to partake in rehab altogether. Subsequently, this can have devastating consequences for you and those you love. This loop of weighing priorities is directly related to the unknown and pressing question: How much does rehab cost exactly?

Cost Versus Rehabilitation (Rehab) Needs

In short, trying to pin down exactly the actual cost of rehab can be tricky. After all, there are thousands of different rehab centers across the nation. Each rehabilitation center, in each different location, offers specialized services based on the needs and severity of addiction plaguing their community. Because of this, and the different trained medical professionals and teams put together to lead these essential programs, rehab and recovery centers all have different prices. Facilities in areas with a high cost of living tend to run at a higher cost than other locations in low-cost-of-living areas. As an example, rehab centers in New York are likely to cost more than facilities in North Carolina.

Also, there is a matter to consider as to whether the rehab centers are privately funded or state-funded. In general, state-funded centers are cheaper. In some cases, they’re even free, depending on the type of care you require. However, people get what they pay for, so they rarely get the same high-quality service that private centers can provide. Several different programs make up a journey to a successful recovery. Enrolling in the best possible care far outweighs the destructive cycle of addiction and grief that consumes your life and the lives of those you love. 

Utilizing Resources to Cover the Cost of Rehab

When discussing the options for rehab and cost, it is important to look at what is available to you, as far as financial assistance. Many insurance providers have an option within the program or add on options that can also play a major role in paying for rehab services. Speaking with your insurance provider, specifically about the type of treatment for your specific addiction, can help you better understand some options you’ll have for payment.

Many times inpatient detox can be followed up with intensive outpatient care and recovery management through check-in appointments. Other times, an addict may prefer to have a continuous avenue to treatment. They may opt for an inpatient style type of care. Residential and inpatient options often work best when the environment plays a part in accessibility or temptation, hindering the process of rehabilitation and recovery. In these circumstances, several attempts may be necessary due to relapse, to get to a place where addictions no longer have a hold over you.

With that said, how much does rehab cost exactly? Inpatient rehab prices can vary. Depending on the care that you need, and the addiction you face, typically, prices range between $6,000 and $20,000. These numbers are approximations for 30-day inpatient programs. Outpatient programs generally cost less at around $5,000 to $10,000, which again is for 30 days of treatment. This a general range, and these prices can vary from center to center.

Why Do Outpatient Rehab Programs Cost Less?

Generally, outpatient programs allow a person to receive treatment while remaining in their own home environment. Because of this, outpatient rehab doesn’t require people to pay for room and board. You would be separately responsible for acquiring these for yourselves, as they will not be provided to you. Those participating in outpatient rehab programs have to only pay for the cost of rehab services that they receive. This is due to the fact that they typically do not consume the full 24 hours per day. 

With an inpatient program, due to the style of around the clock care, patients have the additional accommodations added into how much their rehab will cost. Keep in mind, inpatient programs offer you more than just the services of detox, therapy, medical attention, and counseling, but also provide you with the room where you can temporarily reside, and for the cost of meals that will be provided throughout the days of your treatment. The result appears as a much higher cost for inpatient and residential rehab treatment. However, many people find that the all-inclusive experience is well worth it.

Falling Into the Cycle of Addiction

When the cost of treatment for addiction and rehab is a weighing issue, it is most obviously going to be easier on your pocket to find success through fewer circumstances that can lead back to a relapse. As the saying goes, it is better to take the time to do something right the first time than to have to go back and fix it over and over again.

It’s crucial to take the time and dedicate it to rehabilitation. To detox properly, you need to rest and let your body heal. Spend your time digging into what caused the addiction to begin and understand your physical and emotional triggers. If you opt for a lesser version of rehab, you may then end up paying for it over and over again and not exactly getting the care you need. 

By going for the cheaper option, you could potentially be sacrificing your long term health. When it comes to proper treatment, it’s the “go big or go home” theory. 

That said, not everyone is able to get to a place of rehabilitation and recovery on the first try. Relapse is not a failure. The road to recovery takes dedication and patience. This can be practiced and learned when cared for by trained rehab professionals. They take the time to understand where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you need to be. Getting yourself in the best possible rehab treatment program will lower the threat of it being more costly by raising the opportunity to learn new and better habits and get them to stick, especially when separated from the environment that leads to this lifestyle to begin with. Remember, measure twice, cut once. 

The Cost of Rehab: Addiction Costs More Than Rehab

Many people that have a drug addiction are spending more than the cost of their rent or mortgage and are getting no further ahead because of it. In reality, think of how much an addiction costs you exactly. Having to go out and score your fix is enough to not only make you go broke but keep you there too. Bills go past due. Then debt runs up high because all of the money spent to get your hands on your drug of choice. 

With many drugs, more and more is often needed to get the same euphoric effect. Therefore, the original cost can be greatly exceeded. This means more time looking for ways to get money to buy your substance of choice. 

Alcoholics especially know the cost of the pricey habit. Consider precisely how much food you could buy for your home with the $17.00 a day that gets spend on the nightly 12 pack of beer. Or even the cash spent on that bottle of liquor that ends up empty by the end of the night. Here the math is done for you. $17 a day for one year (that’s 365×17) comes out to a whopping $6,205.00 a year spent on alcohol alone! Even if you only bought your alcohol every other day, we’re still talking about spending over three thousand dollars per year, with nothing to show for it. 

Asking the Right Questions About the Cost of Rehab

It is valuable to examine exactly what the cost of your addiction is doing to your bank account. When asking the question as to exactly how much you may have to spend on rehab to get clean, think about the following: 

  • How much money will I save since I will no longer be purchasing drugs or alcohol?
  • What will I save on medical costs, since my health will not deteriorate from abusing drugs or alcohol?
  • How much more will I be able to succeed since I will not be weighed down by the need to use?
  • How much better off will my relationships be with my family, friends, and coworkers? 

When worrying about how to afford the cost of getting help from a quality rehab, Imagine yourself, in one year, sober and healthy, and then add in the money that wasn’t thrown away at a dangerous addiction. Or, consider the risk taken with alcohol and drug abuse, that have been proven to lead to paying the ultimate price, costing you your life. 

Lowering the Cost of Rehab

One of the easiest ways to lower or even cover the cost of rehab is to choose facilities that accept and work with their insurance. Not all rehab centers accept insurance, and some work only with specific providers. So, it’s important for people to find the programs and locations of the rehab centers that work with them. In addition, they should check their insurance provider’s guidelines beforehand to see which services their medical insurance plans will cover. Some resources that offer assistance in covering the cost of rehab include:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private health care insurance
  • Military issued coverage
  • State financed health care insurance
  • Subsidiary insurance companies 
  • Non-profit organizations

In some instances, a part of your addiction treatment and rehab will be included within. Also, in some others, there will be a deductible that must be met in order to receive the assistance to help cover how much rehab will cost you. Therefore, the cost of rehab will strongly depend on your health insurance plan and provider.

A Rehab Program That Fits Your Budget

Conveniently, having access to finding affordable rehab in North Carolina isn’t hard. The cost of living in the state is cheaper than in some others. This drives down rehab prices, allowing for better services at a lower cost. At Crest View Recovery Center, we provide high quality and affordable treatment to people who need it. 

We do this using several different treatment methods that depend on the care that you need to beat addiction. Some of the programs that we have available for you to participate in include:

Regardless of what type of addiction you face, there is a rehab treatment program that is right for you. How much your rehab treatment experience will cost exactly, will depend on several factors. This includes which types of programs are best designed to help you get to a place of recovery free of substance abuse and addiction. 

Getting the Rehab Treatment for Addiction

Learn more about how much rehab will cost exactly for you or someone you love who is struggling with the holds of addiction. Finding the right treatment options within your budget can be done today. At Crest View, we understand that the cost of rehab is important to you. We can discuss our rehab treatment options and help you move in the right direction toward a life in recovery. Feel confident to contact us now at (866) 327-2505. Learn about the cost of rehab and get started with our insurance verification process today.