Many people struggle with alcohol abuse in their lives. Moreover, alcohol addiction is rising in America today as one of the most deadly addictions in society. By learning more about the effects of alcohol on the body, you will begin to understand why alarming rates of alcohol use are wreaking havoc on the lives of families across the country.

What are the Major Effects of Alcohol on the Body?

Alcohol abuse can play a major role in the development of serious conditions and diseases. In fact, alcoholism directly makes an impact on your overall health. For example, this includes the functioning of your brain, heart, liver, and immune system.

Alcohol Effects on the Brain

One of the major effects of alcohol on the body is the damage it can do to your brain. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol’s damaging effects on the brain include memory problems, brain damage due to thiamine deficiency, and Wernicke–Korsakoff Syndrome. Specifically, this consists of two separate syndromes that mental confusion, paralysis of the nerves that move the eyes, and difficulty with muscle coordination.

Alcohol Effects on the Heart

Drinking alcohol regularly can make a difference in your heart’s health. However, alcohol abuse and addiction can play an even bigger role in heart functioning. Drinking too much alcohol can raise the levels of unhealthy fats in the blood, lead to high blood pressure, cardiomyopathy, cardiac arrhythmia, sudden cardiac arrest, and heart failure.

Alcohol Effects on the Liver

Most people associate alcoholism with the damage it does to the liver. It’s true that the effects of alcohol on the body can be devastating to liver function. For example, regular and prolonged use of alcohol can lead to various liver diseases. These include fatty liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

Alcohol Effects on the Immune System

Excess alcohol use can be detrimental to your immune system. This abuse of alcohol alters the cells and molecules in the body. Therefore, your immune system begins to struggle to ward off infections. You are more likely to contract diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Alcohol Effects on the Pancreas

When you drink regularly, the last thing you think about is the effects of alcohol on the body. However, outside of the major concern areas, alcohol abuse also influences the health of your pancreas. In fact, alcohol causes the pancreas to toxic substances that lead to inflammation, swelling of blood vessels, digestion problems, and pancreatitis.

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