There are many different types of methamphetamines. This surprises people who are only familiar with the substance from shows like Breaking Bad. The following information will help you understand the difference between crystal meth vs meth. It will also discuss some common effects of these dangerous drugs.

Crystal Meth Vs Meth: Understanding the Difference Between the Two

Meth is an extremely potent stimulant that can create feelings of euphoria. Crystal meth and meth are the same drugs. However, crystal meth is typically presented in a more potent form that produces greater effects on the person using it. Crystal meth gets its name from the hardened, crystalline-like appearance that it comes in. Other types of meth may be available in pills, liquids, or powder forms.

Effects of Meth Abuse

Understanding the differences between crystal meth vs meth also requires some knowledge about the effects of these drugs. As they stem from the same family of substances, these drugs will often show fairly similar symptoms. For example, the following brief list highlights a few common meth effects:

Extreme Weight Losscrystal meth vs meth comparison.

Those using meth may experience a decreased appetite, stomach pain, or cramping. These digestive issues can lead to chronic weight loss that makes the person appear sickly.

Dilated Pupils

Meth has a powerful effect on normal brain function. These effects can lead to dilated pupils that others may easily notice.

Poor Oral Health

The ongoing abuse of meth can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and other dental issues. Tooth pain from severe decay can also lead to nutritional difficulties due to issues with chewing food properly.

Respiratory or Heart Problems

The chronic abuse of meth may lead to decreased breathing and heart-rate function. A person can eventually go into a coma or experience a heart attack from using these drugs.

Reclusive Behavior

Those struggling with meth abuse may start to spend a lot of time alone. They also commonly experience a loss of interest in hobbies and recreational activities. Any of these signs on their are troublesome, but together they indicate some potentially serious issues.

Rehabilitation Options for Meth Addiction

Treatment options for a crystal meth addiction can involve many different therapies. Many rehab centers begin with intensive counseling. One-on-one, group, and family therapy sessions can all provide a safe outlet for discussing sensitive topics. Behavioral modification therapies can help identify negative thoughts and transform them into positive ones. Finally, a relapse prevention plan can help set an individual up for the greatest long-term success.

Crystal Meth Treatment in Asheville, NC

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