If you or someone you care about is currently dealing with a substance abuse problem, you know how it can completely take over a person’s life. There are both physical and mental components to dependency, and it’s important to treat the whole person when going through recovery. That’s why cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction is important to any treatment plan.

At Crest View Recovery Center, we emphasize cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction, along with other tools and resources to help you get back on your feet. Therefore, read below to learn what cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is and the benefits it offers in rehabilitation.

About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addictioncognitive behavioral therapy for addiction.

The foundation of CBT lies in the belief that your behaviors and feelings are directly influenced by your thoughts. Changing the way you think about a situation can lead to improving your actions surrounding it. In cognitive behavioral therapy, a therapist will teach you ways to make the connection between thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you can begin to take healthy steps for your future.

When it comes to CBT and substance abuse, the therapeutic approach has a number of uses. It can be used to teach individuals to recognize when and under what circumstances they are most likely to use drugs or alcohol. You can then learn coping mechanisms to put into practice in cases where you’re not able to completely avoid tempting situations. In addition, CBT teaches you to change your thinking so that you can better handle some of the beliefs that may have led to your chemical dependency in the first place.

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiction

Specifically, there are many benefits that comes from cognitive behavioral therapy. Through participation, you’ll learn to recognize and understand the specific patterns that have caused your problems with drugs or alcohol. This insight gives you the tools you need to make direct changes you otherwise wouldn’t have even known to address. CBT is usually accompanied by homework that lets you practice your newly acquired lessons in a real-life setting. You’ll be equipped to handle various scenarios even after leaving rehabilitation.

How Crest View Recovery Center Can Help

Accessing quality rehabilitation services, along with psychotherapy, is truly one of the best things you can do to begin on the road to wellness. CVRC offers a number of programs and services to assist you in this manner.

For example, along with cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction, Crest View offers:

At CVRC, our focus is on you as a whole person. In fact, your individual needs in all aspects of your life are a vital aspect of your treatment. The road to recovery doesn’t have to be a scary one with cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction. Call us today at 866-327-2505 for answers to your questions or to schedule a consultation.