At Crest View Recovery Center, we understand that no two individuals are the same. We meet clients where they are in their addiction recovery by offering substance abuse treatment programs with multiple levels of care. Our professionals tailor each aspect of treatment to our clients’ unique needs and addiction history. We believe it gives individuals the best chance of recovery.

About Our Different Substance Treatment Abuse ProgramsGroup Therapy Is a Major Part of Our Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

All of our substance abuse programs are grounded in evidence-based therapeutic approaches. These methods have proven to help clients achieve lasting recovery and go on to live productive, substance-free lives.

For those just starting their recovery journeys, we recommend our comprehensive Rehab Treatment program, which has an inpatient feel without the constraints of a traditional rehab program. Usually lasting about 45 days, clients undergo intensive therapy during the day at our beautiful Asheville facility. Clients work with licensed counselors, psychiatrists, and other caring professionals to get to the root causes of addiction. In the evening, they’ll participate in activities tailored around their unique treatment goals before retiring to one of our three gender-specific houses.

As part of our unique treatment approach, we adhere to a reality-based model. The goal of reality therapy is to teach individuals how to live life on life’s terms. Whether it’s focusing on lifestyle choices, coping techniques or even how to shop for groceries, clients have found the takeaways to be life-changing.

Even after completing the initial stage of Rehab Treatment, many individuals still need some time before transitioning into a full-on independent lifestyle. For this reason, we encourage clients to continue treatment in our Intensive Outpatient Program for an additional 4–6 weeks. Now that you’ll be out on your own, you’ll have the flexibility to slowly adjust to everyday living as you attend therapy a few times a week for a few hours at a time.

After Treatment

Recovery is an ongoing journey. As a follow-up to our amazing substance abuse programs, individuals who graduate from CVRC’s programs can take advantage of our amazing Alumni program. Through events and community-sponsored activities, we allow those in active recovery to maintain positive peer relationships. However, you must commit to your active recovery after rehab.

Therefore, it’s important to participate in events and meetings after you return home to continue growing in sobriety. Without this support, you are more likely to relapse. With peers in recovery. you can talk through any challenges you may be facing in daily life. Moreover, our counselors will be there to help you make adjustments along the way.

We’re Ready to Guide You to Recovery

The professionals at Crest View Recovery Center are ready and willing to help anyone struggling with addiction embrace lifelong change. Call us today at 866-327-2505 to begin your journey. In fact, our substance abuse treatment programs will guide you on the right path to lifelong sobriety.