In many ways, adults and young adults live in different worlds. In fact, young adults lack much of the freedom of choice and education adults take for granted. They’re also under unique social and biological pressures adults left behind long ago. Therefore, that is why young adult rehab isn’t exactly the same as adult rehab.

Both groups cover much of the same ground because the physical side of addiction is largely the same. What the programs can’t do is cover that ground in the same way. Therefore, let’s look at some of the benefits of young adult-specific programs.

A Young Adult Rehab Center Offers Educationyoung adult rehab benefits

Think back and consider what you understood about your body and brain as a young adult. For most young adults, the brain is fairly mysterious. However, the body is only slightly less mysterious. Even with a basic bio or health class behind them, teens and young adults often don’t understand the relationship between drugs and their bodies.

A good young adult rehab program can provide that education. By simplifying the medical jargon, the program can drive home the dangers of addiction.

Peer Connections

Young adult addiction poses special challenges because it’s often a time of strained family connections. Moreover, teens often dismiss the advice of their parents out of pure rebellion. This means young adults need other sources of support they will respect.

Substance abuse programs aimed at young adults provide opportunities for building those peer connections. Furthermore, they can talk with other sober young adults who better understand their specific stresses. Even well-meaning parents often forget that young adults are emotionally fragile. Therefore, in this day of social networking, others can often exploit those vulnerabilities in ways parents won’t recognize.

As young adults move back into their day-to-day world, they can lean on those peer connections to help them navigate difficult days.

Holistic Therapies

Young adults often lack self-confidence. As a result, talk therapy is especially difficult because it puts a young adult alone in a room with an adult they can’t escape. It’s a nearly perfect recipe for making a teen shut someone out.

For example, holistic therapies and substance abuse programs put young adults into less confrontational situations, such as:

Even if the teen deals with an adult one-on-one, there is the stress breaker of the exercise or the art. In addition, it provides a way for the young adult to open up without feeling like they’re under a microscope.

Youth-Oriented Counseling

Adults exercise a lot of control over their own lives. They can change jobs or even move if they decide that’s what they want. Young adults, however, are largely at the mercy of outside forces. Most teens can’t change schools, let alone move somewhere else.

That means the pressures and challenges they face don’t mirror adult pressures and challenges. A good young adult rehab recognizes those differences. The individual counseling young adults receive will help them manage those unique pressures and challenges.

Young Adult Rehab At Crest View Recovery Center

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Recovery at any age is difficult, but it’s also manageable with help. A good rehab program can help you navigate from addiction to the life you want. Contact Crest View at 866.327.2505 and we’ll help you find your way.