In 2015, 27 million Americans admitted to abusing illegal drugs.

Drug and alcohol use usually begins as a way to blow off steam. But as all too many past and present users know, the habit can quickly spiral out of control and lead individuals down a dark, self-destructive road. If you’re one of the millions of Americans currently trying to cut ties with addiction, you don’t have to suffer alone. A high-quality, compassionate North Carolina addiction treatment center at Crest View Recovery Center can help you put an end to your disease.

Common Addictions in the United States

Each year, millions of Americans seek an addiction treatment center for various substance abuse issues such as:

Drug and alcohol abuse affect all demographics. In fact, for many teens, abusing alcohol during high school leads to problems later in life. Additionally, alcohol can act as a gateway to abusing drugs like cocaine, painkillers, and even heroin.

What is our Continual Care Model?

We built our treatment programs around a continual care model. This structure allows clients to move through treatment step by step at their own pace. Each level of treatment offering them more and more personal freedom. Eventually, they can smoothly transition back to their lives.

How Our North Carolina Addiction Treatment Center Helps Individuals Recover

Anyone who has ever developed an alcohol or drug addiction will tell you that stopping destructive behavior requires more than desiring change. In order for rehab to be effective, the individuals must want to get clean. Unfortunately, addiction is a chronic disease that often encourages compulsive urges to use mind-altering substances. These urges are powerful enough to make even the most strong-willed person cave, particularly when withdrawal symptoms begin to appear.

At CVRC, our individualized programs meet people where they are in recovery. For those suffering from long-term patterned abuse, we recommend that clients begin with a medically supervised detox, which cleanses dangerous toxins from the system and allows individuals to have a clean slate for recovery.

After detox at our partner facility, we’ll help you transition into our safe, supportive program that merges proven, evidence-based techniques with a unique, reality-based model. Our therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and other staff members use reality-based therapy to provide individuals with the ammunition to overcome life’s obstacles.

Programs at Our Addiction Treatment Center:

  • Inpatient Rehab Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment
  • 12 Step Program

The Benefits of a Continual Care Model

At CVRC, our proven treatment model allows clients to gradually progress through treatment. After all, recovery is a lifelong process. It’s hard to undo years of long-term substance abuse in a matter of weeks.

After completing the first step of our rehab treatment program, we recommend that clients continue into our 4–6-week intensive outpatient program in Asheville NC as they adjust to independent living following initial treatment. We also offer alumni programs and follow up care that allow individuals to maintain positive relationships and continue down the path to sustainable recovery.

Along with high-quality clinical care, we also offer several treatment approaches, including activities like yoga classes and therapeutic recreation. We ensure that all of our guests receive a welcoming, therapeutic and enjoyable experience during their addiction treatment.

Proven Therapy Options:

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Family Therapy

Gender Specific Therapy


Holistic Addiction Treatment

Marijuana usage has increased by 7.5% since 2007, the most of all illegal drugs.

Don’t waste another moment doubting if you’ve got what it takes to successfully and permanently beat addiction. Our compassionate professionals can help you find new strength as you develop a solid recovery foundation. Take the first step toward a new life. Contact Crest View Recovery Center today at 866.327.2505.

“I came to Crest View very broken and very sad with my life. The staff there helped me regain the old me. The one on one therapy sessions were the best. I was treated with the utmost respect from all. I also had some medical issues and they were all handled in a timely manor. I was given many more tools to handle my disease. Again I cannot say enough good things about every therapist, tech and doctor there. I have been to many rehabs and this one is far superior in a total recovery of mind, body and spirit.”

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