Men Benefitting from Gender Specific Group TherapySubstance abuse programs that ignore gender-responsive treatment may not end up being effective. Men and women often have different needs as they seek recovery. That’s why gender specific group therapy is an important part of Crest View Recovery Center’s treatment approach.

Why Is Gender Specific Group Therapy Important?

While standard group therapy for addiction is still an important part of our program, gender specific group therapy helps men and women establish common ground in recovery. For instance, women might not feel comfortable talking about traumatic events around other men. On the other hand, men might hesitate to show vulnerability around other women. Gender specific therapy goes a long way in breaking down communication walls.

Gender responsive therapy also recognizes that a blanket treatment approach won’t always work the same for men and women. Just like no two individuals are alike, no two people took the exact same path to developing an addiction. An individualized treatment approach gives men and women the best chance of recovery.

Group Therapy Is Just a Small Part of Our Treatment Model

Even though group therapy is a vital piece of your recovery, it’s just a piece. We also use individual therapy for substance abuse to provide a solid sobriety foundation. While there’s no doubt that a group setting promotes peer camaraderie in recovery, a therapist or psychiatrist-led one-on-one session helps clients explore the reasons behind their addiction.

In addition to extensive clinical care during our rehab treatment program, we promote healing through a reality-based therapy model. At CVRC, we believe that reality therapy is the best way to prepare individuals for post-treatment life. Our program helps you develop the coping strategies, social skills, and basic life skills you’ll need for continued sobriety.

Come see why gender specific group therapy and our other treatment approaches might be perfect for your recovery. Call Crest View Recovery today at 866-327-2505.