Learn How Family Therapy Addiction Recovery ProgramHow Family Therapy Aids in Recovery

Family support can be vital to the addiction recovery process. However, because addiction has the power to tear families apart, it’s important to re-establish broken relationships. Family therapy at Crest View Recovery Center aims to help everyone involved heal.

How A Family Therapy Addiction Recovery Program Helps Families

Family therapy at CVRC helps families in four primary ways:

  • Educates family members and affected individuals about addiction
  • Promotes open and honest communication through early intervention
  • Mends damaged relationships
  • Strengthens the family dynamic

Family members may only see one side of the coin. They may see their loved one’s actions as selfish. In this case, families may not even recognize addiction as a disease. Instead, their reaction may be, “How can you do this to us?” Although tough love is a normal reaction, it can ultimately drive individuals deeper into their addiction.

The opposite can be true, as well. In some ways, families can enable their loved one’s addictive behaviors. Consistently helping in a pinch, making excuses for negative behaviors, and providing financial assistance can be all be considered enabling.

How Family Therapy Helps the Addicted Individual

Family therapy isn’t just about helping family members understand addiction. It also helps you understand how your addiction does to your family. You may not have recognized the damage you caused while you were using. This type of therapy works to break down communication barriers, and it enables those in recovery to achieve inner peace.

Other Types of Therapy at CVRC

A family therapy addiction recovery program is just one facet of our addiction therapy services. We also offer individual therapy for substance abuse and group therapy for addiction to provide a solid recovery foundation. As part of our extensive rehab treatment program, we blend these therapies into your daily clinical care. After the initial treatment, family therapy is still available as part of our intensive outpatient program.

The Best Place to Start Your Recovery

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