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It’s a journey and process to overcome drug addiction. There are multiple steps to the process and each person will go through the ordeal differently. No matter the individual and their addiction, most programs with always start with a detox program. After detox, one of the more popular first steps is inpatient drug rehab. Once you complete inpatient rehab, you can move on to a less supervised program, such as outpatient rehab. Inpatient drug rehab in Lexington KY has a lot to offer those who want to get clean.

What Makes Inpatient Drug Rehab in Lexington SC So Effective?

inpatient drug rehab in lexington kyThe elements that make inpatient drug rehab in Lexington effective are the same elements that make any center great. For example, the centers focus on creating custom treatment plans for all of their clients. These custom plans address the major areas of concern for each person.

Rehab centers also offer addiction therapy programs. Having this variety makes it easier to offer something that everyone can utilize. These programs vary from types of therapy to dual diagnosis programs, including:

Importance of Dual Diagnosis Programs During Inpatient Treatment

Often times, addiction comes about because of some kind of underlying mental disorder. In fact, studies show that once one mental disorder develops, it’s easier for the brain to develop another. Effectively, once one thing goes wrong in the brain’s functioning more and more issues begin to manifest as well.

Addiction in and of itself is a mental disorder. After people develop a disorder, such as depression or post-traumatic stress, it’s easier to develop an addiction. Likewise, it’s just as easy for people to develop a mental disorder after developing a drinking problem. These two issues can fuel one another. A person may develop a substance abuse issue in order to cope with depression. The substance abuse issue can then worsen the depression. Without treating both issues, they will eventually resurface.

To truly beat addiction, you have to face these underlying issues. Moreover, all great substance abuse treatment programs deal with the root cause of the addiction. You’ll also have to deal with triggers to avoid stressful situations after rehab.


Gender-Specific Treatment

Both men and women have different needs when it comes to their addiction treatment. The best rehab centers take this into account with gender-specific treatment. These programs typically involve gender-specific therapy sessions. Studies show that members of the same sex have an easier time relating to each other during counseling.

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