If the drug rehab Raleigh NC locals suggest won’t promote overall wellness, are you getting the care you need? In fact, addiction is a disease that responds well to treatment. It affects the brain as well as the body and spirit. However, here’s what you need to know about wellness modalities in rehab.

How the Disease of Addiction Affects Youdrug rehab Raleigh NC

Experts consider addiction a disease of the brain. Moreover, its principal characteristic is an unhealthy and unwelcome craving for a substance. Your entire life revolves around the drug. Therefore, you have a difficult time focusing on anything else.

Even though the substance makes you sick, you still take it. It costs you relationships and jeopardizes your livelihood. Again, you continue to use. In fact, the drug forms such a firm hold on you that you might experience two levels of dependency.

For example, one is a physiological addiction. Drugs can change your brain’s chemistry to such an extent that you need the substance just to feel normal. The drug rehab Raleigh NC doctors might recommend will suggest detoxification as the first step to treatment. However, you need more resources and training.

What Drug Rehab Raleigh NC Looks Like

At rehab, you learn why you started using in the first place. Furthermore, you learn how to deal with triggers and overcome the psychological addiction. In many cases, that’s as far as rehab might go. Usually, therapies include:

You typically undergo treatment for 30 to 90 days. Next, you head to transitional living. Although that’s a standard structure, it lacks a focus on overall wellness. In fact, two major treatment options are missing.

Holistic Care and Reality Therapy Augment Recovery

Holistic treatment is a supportive modality. It assists proven treatments that you undergo. Examples of holistic wellness care include acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. These treatments provide healing on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.

Yoga, for example, combines breathing exercises with stretches. This approach encourages physical health and fitness. Breathing counteracts anxiety, which gives you an opportunity to center yourself. Moreover, the goal of these healing approaches is equilibrium.

Another form of therapy you can benefit from is a reality approach. You undergo plenty of self-improvement and personal growth during talk therapy. However, what do you do with the lessons you learn? You can only apply so much during process group therapy.

Moreover, it’s difficult to gauge your readiness to return home when you’ve spent the entire time at the facility. It’s easy to navigate in an environment that doesn’t give you the opportunity for failure. As a result, many program participants from standard rehab facilities find they struggle with real-world situations. Reality therapy, however, prepares you for going back home.

It does so by giving you opportunities to enjoy outings with peers in recovery. Specifically, a therapist accompanies the group. You visit typical venues that you might go to after rehab. Examples include bowling alleys, movie theaters, and the mall.

You practice interacting with people who are not in recovery. You may run across individuals drinking alcohol. In the process, you learn how to conduct yourself. If there are areas of weakness in your reactions, you know what you need to work on.

A therapist assists you with building the right coping skills for the situation. Next time around, you feel more comfortable. You’ll know how to react. In short, you practice living sober before you have to do so on your own.

Overcome a Substance Abuse Problem

If the drug rehab Raleigh NC friends recommend didn’t work, try our drug addiction treatment program in Asheville NC. We combine proven therapies with holistic treatments. At Crest View Recovery Center, we are proud to provide the utmost support during your recovery. Learn more about us by calling 866.327.2505 today.