What do you expect from the alcohol and drug rehab Greensboro NC residents attend? In fact, there are typical therapeutic approaches that most facilities offer. They serve to help you uncover why you start using in the first place. However, what happens when that’s not enough?

Typical Modalities at an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Greensboro NC Locals Trust

The majority of substance abuse programs are very similar in the care they deliver. For example, therapeutic approaches include:

The majority of these rehab programs encourages a residential treatment model. Specifically, you live at the facility. After therapy, you spend time socializing with peers who are also in recovery. This commonly lasts for 30 to 90 days.

However, something is missing that not even the best alcohol and drug rehab Greensboro NC offers can provide. You might say that it’s the bridge between treatment and real life. If you’ve ever wondered why so many people go from rehab to transitional living, there’s an answer. The facilities fail to provide reality-based therapy.

How Reality Therapy Changes Livesalcohol and drug rehab Greensboro NC

Plenty of treatment facilities advocate for wilderness getaways. These are excellent experiences. However, they fail to prepare you for returning to your home or workplace. You exchange relaxation and a time to hear yourself think for real-life problems.

In fact, few have the readiness to handle them. Relapse is a genuine risk. However, reality therapy makes a difference here. When you’re struggling with any substance abuse problem, it can have a significant impact on your recovery.

For starters, it prepares you for real life experiences with talk therapy. You and a counselor discuss situations that can be problematic. Moreover, you define coping mechanisms that you can put into place.

Reality therapy is the art and science of practicing what you learn hands on. For example, you and your peers in recovery go on outings that a therapist supervises. You might head for sports events, have game nights, or see a movie.

However, you’re no longer in the relative safety and seclusion of the rehab facility. Instead, you’re out and about in the neighborhood. You interact with people who’re not in recovery. At a venue, you may see others drink alcohol.

Now, you employ the coping skills that you’ve developed. Are they sufficient to deal with the temptations? Do they allow you to interact with others? Furthermore, do you feel comfortable in your skin when you’re not using drugs or alcohol?

Most program participants find areas where there’s room for improvement. There’s nothing wrong with that. It simply alerts you to the need for further personal growth. However, if it weren’t for the reality therapy approach, you’d never know until you discharge from treatment.

If you wait this long to find out whether you have what it takes to live sober, you may relapse. In many ways, reality therapy prepares you for a return to the job market, social situations, and family. It also increases the confidence that you’ll have in your recovery. The first time that you’ve sat at a table with someone who’s drinking – without experiencing cravings – is a significant victory.

Does It Make Sense to Travel for Rehab?

When the alcohol and drug rehab Greensboro NC provides doesn’t work for you, try addiction treatment in Asheville NC. Traveling for recovery makes sense when you can take advantage of reality therapy. Stop using with the help of experts at the Crest View Recovery Center. Dial 866.327.2505 now for immediate assistance.