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Life long sobriety It is often said that recovery is a life long process. This is because long after a person has been through recovery, they will still have to deal with psychological triggers. When a person develops an addiction, it is often due to external factors. This could be things like a divorce, losing a job, or loss in the family.

Therefore, when external factors occur again, after addiction treatment, the person will feel preconditioned to pick back up with substance abuse.  In recovery, people spend time working through their emotions so that they do not rely on a substance to overcome difficult situations.

There are several different therapies available to help overcome this life long battle. To find out more about your options, you should speak with a medical professional. If you do not have a doctor you can speak with, you can contact our team at (866) 327-2505. “

Two men high five as the exercise during mens health month 2019

Mens Health Month 2019

According to the numbers, men face more health issues than women for a variety of reasons. The figures indicate women live 5-6 years longer than men and men top women for numbers of deaths in 9 of 10 causes of death categories. Let that sink in for a minute. If there’s any chance we are…

Woman getting treatment thanks to mental health awareness month

Mental Health Awareness Month

The number of Americans who are suffering from some form of mental or emotional illness as well as addiction is astounding. In some cases, the mental illness is a by-product of the victim’s struggles with addiction. Other times, the mental illness comes from an injury or chemical issues in the brain. Of course, for the…

National Alcohol Screening Day in 2019

National Alcohol Screening Day in 2019

The Thursday during the first full week of April is National Alcohol Screening Day. In 2019, this is on April 11. Colleges, military bases, some government facilities, and other offices offer screening opportunities. While not many people immediately think to participate, they should. Alcohol screenings are a useful health tool and a great way of…

Alcohol Awareness Month in 2019

Alcohol Awareness Month in 2019

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. It’s a time for having conversations and putting an end to alcohol addiction and abuse. Similarly, it’s a time for being honest and acknowledging that you need help. How do you know if you have a drinking problem? Discuss your habits with your loved ones this month. The conversations you…

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week in 2019.

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

Although substance abuse is a growing problem today, not enough people are aware of it, therefore many efforts are being taken to educate the public about this issue. As a result, it is hoped that people can learn to detect the signs of addiction in order to get prompt help. With more people looking out…

Addiction relapse triggers in your life.

Addiction Relapse Triggers in Daily Life

Relapse is very common during recovery. It’s so common that most people relapse at least one time. Part of the reason is that relapse triggers crop up in daily life all the time. Returning to daily life after treatment can be overwhelming and incredibly tempting, even for those with good self-control. Knowing some of the…

A woman has a successful sober christmas

How to Maintain a Sober Christmas

A sober Christmas can be a challenge for people in recovery. It seems like every holiday party, workplace gathering and family event contains alcoholic beverages. This can make the thought of going out stressful and maintaining self-control challenging. While it might not be easy at times, planning ahead and a few of these tips can…

sober thanksgiving techniques

Sober Thanksgiving Techniques

With the holidays around the corner, it is time to plan ahead for a sober Thanksgiving. While the holidays are a wonderful time to spend with family members, many seasonal events involve drinking. To stay sober over the holidays, individuals need to put the right techniques in place to prevent a relapse. While it may…

sober halloween techniques

Sober Halloween Techniques

Every Halloween, people all over the nation throw parties to celebrate. As a child, it’s a time for candy, costumes, and friends. For adults, it is certainly a holiday that involves a lot of drinking. Unfortunately, many of these parties allow or serve drugs and alcohol. For a recovering drug abuser, these parties can lead…