There used to be a time when talk therapy was the only way to undergo rehab. However, that’s no longer true. Forward-thinking drug treatment centers in NC now realize that you need more treatment options.

Understanding the Disease Model of Addictiondrug treatment centers in NC

At CVRC, we help our clients overcome crippling addiction. Our unique services are unlike other drug treatment centers in the state. We also offer rehab services that no other treatment facility provides.

Experts agree that addiction is a disease of the brain. For example, it manifests with physical, psychological, and spiritual symptoms. Treatment must impact you on these three levels.

Innovative drug treatment centers in NC now begin to implement additional treatments to help clients. Talk therapy’s still an integral part of the approach. However, you now also have another set of proven treatments. This structure results in a whole-person strategy to healing.

What to Look for In Excellent Drug Treatment Centers in NC

Find a staff that understands how to work with you where you’re at right now. Treatment needs to take you from where you are to where you want to go. Moreover, during intake, goal-setting is a significant component of discussions. It helps with the creation of a custom treatment protocol.

For example, possible therapeutic approaches include:

Another vital treatment option includes holistic care. Specifically, wellness in the form of yoga and meditation can be critical to your recovery. Other treatments might consist of acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. These types of modalities help you to focus, let go of stress, and disarm triggers.

All these treatments combine to help you tackle a substance abuse problem from a variety of angles. This approach also enables you to find meaningful healing. However, there are additional therapeutic approaches you can benefit from. Furthermore, you won’t find these at very many drug treatment centers in NC.

A Focus on Family Therapy

We offer several types of therapy at CVRC. However, we strongly believe in the positive outcome of family therapy. A majority of addictions start because of problems within the home. Sometimes, it’s simply a stressful home environment that causes addiction. In other cases, problems start because of an addiction that runs in the family.

During family therapy, a therapist works with clients and family members. As a result, the therapist can help find the root of your addiction. Finding the cause is important to prevent relapse in the future.

Furthermore, family therapy is great for teaching family members about addiction. In fact, many people use family therapy as a type of addiction education. Family members have an easier time understanding the problems their loved ones face when they gain understanding.

Many drug treatment centers offer family therapy. However, very few of them focus on it as much as we do. Receiving family support is important for anyone who suffers from addiction.

Reality Therapy Sets the Stage for Hands-On Relapse Prevention

Many facilities suggest going into the wilderness on a type of retreat. That’s not a bad idea. However, it doesn’t help you re-learn how to live sober in the real world. All wilderness retreats end; then the real life starts again.

Learn how to live without using while dealing with situations you face on a daily basis. That said, there’s help from therapists and counselors. You undergo this type of reality therapy within the confines of close monitoring. In the process, you engage with peers in recovery and learn life skills.

In addition, you attend outings for sports events and recreational activities. You do so without using drugs or alcohol. However, there may be people around you who do drink. In this setting, you learn to be okay with that and move on.

You practice how to interact with others when you’re not high or drunk. In the process, you hone your coping skills. People, who used to be afraid of interactions, become more confident. You realize that you don’t need to use to be okay.

When it comes time to check out of the rehab facility, you feel comfortable with returning home. Moreover, you don’t dread meetings, situations you encounter, or the past addiction concerns. Therefore, transitioning from rehab to independent living is a natural progression of recovery.

Getting the Help You Need Today

When you’re ready to undergo treatment at a facility that emphasizes a real-life component, there’s help. In fact, drug rehab in Asheville NC is a great place to begin recovery. At Crest View Recovery Center, caring therapists want to help you find success in regaining your sobriety. Learn about us today by calling 866-327-2505 now.