Are you having trouble coming to terms with a loved one’s addiction or alcoholism? If so, reach out to Crest View Recovery Center today. Our free friends and family support group, known as Hope Connections, will help you heal from the trauma that stems from addiction by sharing your experience with others in a clinically led format.

Family support is invaluable during rehab and recovery. Addiction makes an impact on everyone’s lives surrounding the individual in rehab. By opening up about your concerns, fears, and emotions, you will gain an understanding while relating to other families in similar situations.

Hope Connections is Here for You

Hope Connections Family Support Group

By joining our Hope Connections family support group, you will have a confidential setting to ease your mind during the rehab process. These valuable meetings will give you the opportunity to reach out to others in your community.

For example, techniques and benefits of Hope Connections include:

  • Education
  • Clinically led
  • Open floor format
  • Community support
  • Coping skills

Through education and awareness, you will learn how to maneuver through your feelings while developing coping skills. Moreover, sharing your feelings will greatly benefit your overall emotional stability during this difficult time.

By gaining support of your own, you will be able to correctly support your loved one through rehab and recovery. Believe it or not, family support plays a huge role in the success or failure of one’s rehab. Therefore, you’re encouragement can make all the difference.

What to Expect from CVRC’s Family Support Group

While attending a family support group meeting, you may wonder exactly how the process will go. First, we’ll begin the meeting with a daily meditation reading focusing on the “Language of Letting Go.” Then, we’ll open up the floor for individuals to share their experiences. CVRC clinicians will follow with 30-minute educational presentations. Furthermore, each meeting will include a different clinician speaker.

At the end of each meeting, different organizations within the community will have time to speak and give their support and resources. As you can see, this is a great opportunity to gain lasting tools during the recovery process.

Hope Connections meets the 1st Wednesday of every month from 6pm-7:30pm at Crest View Recovery Center (90 Asheland Ave, Asheville, NC 28805), with the exception of July’s meeting, which will be held on the second Wednesday of the month (July 11th, 2018).

Building Connections Through Our Family Support Group

At Crest View Recovery Center, we understand the difficulties each family faces through addiction. From confusion to anger and fear, every family member will cope with this experience differently. Therefore, we take pride in providing these resources for family members to overcome the challenges and emotions in front of them.

Don’t allow your loved one’s addiction to take hold of you as well. Find peace and understanding through Hope Connections at CVRC. The free family support group is completely confidential and is not intended for professionals to network. In fact, this nurturing, safe environment will provide you with the resources and support you deserve. Contact Crest View Recovery Center today at 866.327.2505 or to learn more about our family support group, substance abuse programs, and addiction therapy.

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Article Reviewed by Patrice Wishon, LCSW, LCAS, CCS

Patrice Wishon, LCSW, LCAS, CCSPatrice has over 30 years experience working in social work and mental health/substance abuse counseling. She received her Master’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and has worked in a variety of settings, including community-based outpatient, hospital and classroom settings. Patrice specializes in substance abuse treatment, trauma and women’s issues.